Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Made me Laugh: The 'musical' congregation

One of the best bits of being ordained is that you get invited to provide cover for churches when their clergy are on holiday and when they are interregnum (haven't got a cleric) and because wherever possible the answer is 'Yes' this means I have managed to do services in some lovely (and unusual settings using the familiar and the weird.

Some time back I was asked to visit a church to provide cover for an early communion service, and they meant early because it was before eight am. The congregation was totally made up of older folk and the setting was 1662 so what could go wrong?
Here's my account of the tale:

Having done the bulk of the service and delivered a short homily (even stood in the right places according to the directions as found in the BCP) everything was humming nicely as we got to the distribution of the bread and wine. Having given the people along the rail the wafers I began to revisit the line with the wine.

Being good Anglicans who had been taught well as I reached the third person along the rail the first stood up to make their way back to their place in the pews, emitting a note from their nether regions as they struggled to get up; something that made me smile a little to myself! Moving on to the next person I heard another note coming from person in position two and the 'performance' continued until I had managed to communicate everyone with everyone playing their piece in the score that was set for the communion service.

As I progressed along the line I found myself struggling to keep it solemn and focussed and yet I did (see I can be grown-up). As we neared the conclusion the image of the organ from the Snow White film popped into my mind and all was very nearly lost but we reached the safe haven of the blessing with all happy and my reputation intact!

The best bit came a few weeks later when a colleague mentioned that they'd been to cover the same place and had developed a fit of the giggles during the musical part of the otherwise 'said' service.

Something no one had prepared me for whilst at college or in curacy;

Always something out there to try and test us isn't there?

Always something out there to make us laugh :-)

Happy Tuesday


The Underground Pewster said...

I think you may have earned a new nick name with this one. How about Jumpin Jack Flash?

Rev Trev said...

The wind blows and we know whence it cometh and whence it goes !

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

A whole new take on the term 'wind band'