Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Milliband - every boy's dream comes true!

Well, what a turn up for the books as one of the Milliband boys, never sure which is which (the nice one, not the one who looks like Wallace without Gromit]) ditches politics to make something that was once every boys dream come true.

Heard on the radio last night that Ed (or is it David?) is to join International Rescue and I have to say that I am so very envious. All those years of sitting in cardboard boxes monitoring the frequencies count for nothing it seems.

So well done my Milliband, I hope your new life away from politics, the other brother and the unions what stitched you up for the leadership of the other Tory party fade as you work, shoulder-to-shoulder, with Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon (of the Orange, not Brown variety) and John. I assume Jeff knows what he's doing picking you over all the other hopefuls (perhaps I can still get to be a Blue Peter presenter).

Say 'Hi' to Brains and give Tin-Tin a kiss for me [sob].

The better man won (unlike perhaps in the political world) and you deserve the job.

Labour party Leader?
Not when I can join International rescue!


(Wonder if there's any truth in the rumour that Peter Ould is going to be the next Doctor?)

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