Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Arnhem - the final night

Sixty-nine years ago at about this time the Allied forces that were the Market part of operation Market Garden (Market being the airborne element and Garden the ground force) were gathered around Oosterbeek waiting to withdraw. Heading to the Neder Rijn they were ferried across the river to safety whilst a remnant of injured were left behind to cover their tracks.

c. 2,000 killed
c.6,000 captured
c.2,000 escaped
Memorial to 1st Airborne Reconnoissance Squadron
(See image below)

Arnhem was not to be liberated for many months but those who lived there then, and now, remember with gratitude their 'friends' who came and battled so gallantly to deliver them from their captivity.

A final thought for one with whom I share a family link in that we wear the same capbadge and follow the same Captain:

To him and all who have died in pursuit of peace

dona eis requiem

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