Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Books - Things I never knew

One of the things that define me for some is the fact that I am not only anti-semantic (Most of my friends are words) but also have a few books too. It is in the book area that I found myself surprised yesterday as I went through the process of lending some of them to one of ours who is embarking on training for ministry.

I don't about you but I really don't have a clue who is the most prolific author of the books on my shelves but there a natty little facility by the name of 'charts' has appeared on the programme I use. Wondering what it was and did I clicked on the button and this is what I got:

Moving on I found this little piece of information interesting too (must add my Pratchett collection as he'd surely be in at number one!):

Seems that I have catalogued 2,738 books in all and to see Barth sitting in pole position is, to be honest, a bit of a shock :-)  Mind you, McNab and Ryan were a bit of a shock too. Good to see Brueggemann take the inside line on final bend to edge it over Moltmann :-)

Still - goes to show that I'm not all about reading theology and religion I guess.

Still have a large pile of books to be added to the system and think C S Lewis might be moving up the table shortly :-)

And can someone tell the wife that knowing how many pages a version has (or celebrating that nice Mr Dewey's system) is not at all odd?

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