Monday, 2 September 2013

Phobia - supporting rights or removing them?

I don't usually get to read the Spectator much these days (it's a treat I have to save up for!) but a piece (29th August 2013) by Adrian Hilton caught my eye relating to the arrest of Revd Dr Alan Clifford for 'homophobic' activity.

You can read it in full here

What struck me was the final segment of Hilton's:

'I confess I used to view with a degree of discouragement and dismay those Bible-bashing Christians with their ‘end-of-the-world’-type placards, preaching fire and brimstone and hell and damnation. I find myself now feeling not much less than contempt for those gays who persecute and prosecute elderly hotel owners and B&B proprietors, or call in the police when they receive ‘Good News for Gays’ in their inbox. It is deeply and profoundly intolerant. They reduce public moral discourse to crass displays of boorish posturing and infantile ethics. For God’s sake, grow up.'

As the article so splendidly points out, 'phobia' is a fear of something where what people complain of is not a fear but a disagreement. I support the Arsenal - I have no choice for it was part of my nurture and has become part of my nature - my cousins likewise support the Spurs because of where they were born and their own nurturing experiences. I don't like the Spuds because I'm a Gooner but I am not 'Spudophobic' (and will be hoping they beat the other London clubs this season).

Those who who choose to be vegetarian (I'm a vague'n - some days I eat meat - others I don't!) are not 'carnophobic' - they merely, for whatever reason, do not eat meat. And so it continues with just about every lifestyle choice and belief - so what is it that some choose to act such as to permit free will and free speech as long as it agrees with them?

I think it's called 'being selfish'

So that a look at this article - for regardless of your opinions (and I don't find myself agreeing with Alan Clifford having popped over to read some of his writings) regarding it, it's worth a read.

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