Sunday, 29 September 2013

Things I struggle with (1): Automated posting

A few weeks ago, during Holy Week (that's the week that ends with Good Friday BTW), I read a post from someone which referred to Easter Sunday and the empty tomb. Now I have to be honest and say that I found that just a little premature and so I wrote to them asking why they'd posted the triumph before the agony and received the response that they didn't have any control over what was posted as they merely used a system that automatically posted passages.

I had to say that as much as I think that it's great to publish Bible passages, I also think that there needs to be a relevance and some engagement from, by and with the person posting them. To be honest - if you just post passages because you think it's a 'nice idea' then you're just a little bit wrong! After all, what's the point? Why do you do it?

I post things because they have touched me in some way - I'm challenged, blessed, amused or dialoguing but I don't post for the sake of it and don't like the idea of posting for posting's sake.

So here's a plea - and my first struggle point - If you are going to post make sure it is relevant and timely: Posting about Easter Sunday when it's Maundy Thursday is crass and meaningless and therefore unnecessary and unhelpful too!

There you go - I've come clean and stated my position (I hope clearly),


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