Saturday, 14 September 2013

That's Dedication

That's what you need to be a record breaker
Well, that's what Roy Castle used to sing

That and the desire to be whatever it was that you wanted to be
And of course being able to was important too
because you couldn't do it if you couldn't do it
Could you?

But what if you could,
What if there was a way
to be better
live better
change the world
beginning with you?

The Guinness Book of Records
God's Book of Records (the Bible)
Both full of people who have done amazing things,
Amazingly brave
Amazingly clever
Amazing stupid
Amazingly, yet apparently, impossible things
And all it takes, apparently, is dedication.

I wonder how many people decide to try
How many want to be in the book
Want to be different
make a difference
be someone
do something
And never do.

Who does the stuff?
how do they step up
stand up
be counted
and be counted upon
when the clock starts ticking?

Something that matters
that changes lives
changes me
like dying in someone's place
so they could live and live better
be set free from the chains that bind them
could be free to think differently
and from that live in a way
so amazing
so different
so revolutionary
That Marx would drop his cigar
Che' would shave off his beard
Mao would open a restaurant
and Confucius would admit he'd been confused all along.

So what about someone who was hung up
hung up upon a cross
a cross that was meant for us
for us that place was taken
was taken so we might live free
live free for now - and all eternity

Now that's dedication

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