Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Bliss

How exciting it is to be:

Christian - speaks for itself

A dogcollar - speaks for God (sometimes accurately?) submits to authority (usually)

Able to serve others - often and enthusiastically

Able to bless others - Intermittently

Being called and collared at Christmas all adds up (for me at least) to:


Thank you to:

All who have been doing the stuff this year

Those who have given me the opportunity to visit their schools and engage with them

Those who have taken the time to offer correction, support, love with such patience

The Wardens and members of the four churches that are the Parish of Tamworth

My soldiers, cadets and fellow chaplains

Tamworth Street Angels

My colleagues in diocese, deanery and ecumenically

and of course those who read and engage with me in this blog


(most especially) My long-suffering and extremely patient wife and children 


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