Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Hail the Sun of Righteousness - Happy Christmas

I'm sitting here thinking on tonight's service as I return to very same church I served my Title in (what means started off in as a Curate) and do the Midnight service as the  'Acting Vicar'.

Here I am in the town that I have adopted, and been adopted by, doing a service that always means so much to me in a place (St Editha's) that means such a great deal to me in a town that has come to mean so much to me and the sense of privilege and responsibility is great.

To be able to bring the Christmas message to those people who will be gathering in Tamworth's town centre church and to have the opportunity to share the Christmas message with those who will be popping in on their way home from the pubs and clubs (or merely on their way from one to another) is perhaps the icing on the cake that is my ministry thus far - and I am so very grateful for the experience.

So as I prepare I can but thank those who have made the journey with me this year and broken bread, prayed and been part of the ministry and madness that makes Tamworth such a challenge and so much fun.

I pray that all those churches within our town (and beyond) who together form Tamworth Covenanting Churches find themselves packed as they come to, once again, tell the Christmas story and share in the reality of God's love made real and come down to earth as Jesus, the Christ.

I thank God for the many expressions of His love that are to be found in our town:


Soul Café


Christians Against Poverty

Signs for Worship

Street Angels

And pray that these will go from strength to strength over the coming year.

May God touch you with His love tonight and always.

Please pray for those who are deployed in places far from home as part of their service in the forces, charities and NGO's - working for peace in distant places

Please remember those who are missing loved ones from around their tables this Christmas that they will know comfort and support at this time.

So all that's left to me is to wish you a most blesséd and fantastic Christmas.

Which of course - I do :-)


N Abram said...

Have a blessed Christmas. Steven and Nicky

Ray Barnes said...

Likewise to you and your family Vic.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Thank you - been an excellent family day indeed