Sunday 19 January 2014

Celebrating Social Action

Tonight was a superb example of people celebrating the good things that others do to make their town a better place as Tamworth Covenanting Churches came together to celebrate and begin their Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

The Diocesan Bishop, Jonathan Gledhill, was joined by representatives from the Baptist Church (Revd Adrian Argile), Methodist Church (Revd Ian Howarth) and Fr Noel Ntungu represented the town's many Catholics - The MP, Chris Pincher and Mayor John Garner were also present to represent national and local government. There will be a full report of the evening's proceeding later but one of the highlights was the commissioning of Tamworth Street Angels (accompanied by an excellent address by Paul Blakey MBE - Founder of the Street Angels group - CNI).

Here's a quick image from the evening (more later I'm sure) to give you a quick feel for what went went on:

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