Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Quaragosh - A call to prayer

Please read, and respond (by praying and sharing) this message - from Rev Andrew White the Vicar of Baghdad:

"The islamist group (ISIS) just took over Quaragosh, the biggest Christian city in Iraq. 

There are hundreds of men, women and children that are being beheaded. 

The people are asking for prayers to be made on their behalf concerning the ongoing atrocity in their country. 

Please take one minute to pray for them. 

They asked for this special prayer. 

Please, ensure you pass across the prayer request to the body of Christ for fervent prayers offered on behalf of the brothers, sisters and children in Iraq. 

This is an urgent SOS. May God bless you. 

From Andrew White the Vicar of Baghdad."

(I received this for Bishop Laurie Green - who posted it around 21:00 BST today) and am confident of its validity - please pass on to those you know will pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters)

I saw this posted on the pages of someone I trust. I am aware that there of aspects of this that are perhaps 'old news' but rather than err too much on the side of scepticism, I will keep this in place until the original source comes back to me.

Thanks for those who have communicated with the 'old news' - have to say that if it is erroneously reported, prayer for those (even one minute of it) from those who live in freedom for those who fear the actions of ISIS is a small consideration.

Checking on Snopes and other sites I use to debunk urban myth and (often well meant) misinformation I can find nothing that looks quite like this story - I have asked for clarification form people I trust and have heard nothing, and so, continue with the piece on the lines given in the PS.




Anne said...

This was posted on Twitter on 24 February 2015. It seems to be old news.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Hi Anne - I recall the news item. This request came via a source I trust and so, until clarification is made, will leave it. My assumption is that the situation has perhaps heightened as I can't find any communication from Andrew White that uses the same words. There is a report regarding Qaragosh come in a couple of hours back but I'm trying to find a translation of it.

I have added a postscript and will 'wait out' on this - thanks for the mail.

Anonymous said...

Sure good to pray in general, but this is entirely dated stuff, which happened in early August 2014. See e.g.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that Vic has already explained the reasons for posting and keeping tn post where it is and I'm happy to be reminded why I need to pray.

David von Oheimb said...

As I read from a German Christan NGO worker who visited that city in early October, that prayer request (including various variants circulating since mid-August 2014) was also exaggerated. Her report may be found at
At least from Christan believers one should expect a faithful treatment of the truth, both in producing and spreading such reports/requests.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Always a problem to stop people be sensationalist or to portray things as they aren't.

Thanks for the link and comments,


Anonymous said...

The timeframe doesn't change the fact that Christians and Jews are being killed by satanic isis forces. We need to pray for isis too. They are blinded.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Anything that provokes me to look outside of myself is always welcome - I agree with your view that we need to be praying for all caught up in this, and all, wickedness.