Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Tamworth Hustings - ONE day to go

It's all quite steady state politics as far as the polls are concerned:

Conservatives 34%

Labour             33%

UKIP                13%

Lib Dems          9%

Green Party      5%

One of the pundits on the BBC was saying that the six week election period was making the whole thing the most boring election on record and pointed out that viewing figures for the debates were lower than five years ago. Another was saying that there were perhaps more undecided voters than ever and more were saying that they were willing to change their vote should they hear something that persuaded them it would be the best thing to do (best for them or their party or what I wondered: Lots of naughty encouragement to vote tactically to undermine others in this election)!

Where I am, some of the Christians I have encountered are telling me that they have no idea as to who they should vote for, some looking to maintain their traditional allegiances whilst others are looking for 'Christian' stuff and others still are looking to see stuff that isn't 'Christian' so they can vote for the last man (or of course woman) standing.

Many of the older folk I chat to are telling me that it's time to 'do something' positive, but what that thing is, and what area it is to be found in, they aren't sure: Just something different please.

The first time voters are apparently being wowed by their big issues and the bold promises of some to address them. Interestingly some are digging deep and challenging the ability of people to keep their promises should they be elected: Others are reading the headlines and, ignorant of substance, telling me that they vote for them because it sounds good.

So it is still all to play for - are you decided?

Do you have a concern you'd like an answer for with regard to the way it might be handled by the next government or your MP should they be in opposition?

Get to st Editha's tomorrow and get stuck in

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