Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tamworth Hustings - 7 Days to go: A two horse race?

You might think it is a two horse race as the latest figures look like this:

Conservatives 35%

Labour             34%

UKIP                13%

Lib Dems          8%

Green Party      5%

But of course it isn't! Every player has the potential to influence the overall result and that's what the hustings event is all about.

The hustings will be split into two sessions, the first of which will feature questions from the community. These will be sent to the candidates by Monday 27th so that they can prepare an answer in their own words (rather than merely read from their manifesto).

The second session will feature questions taken from those present (and you can ask them yourself if you wish) and this, last time we did a hustings event, was the more challenging part of the affair for me as it got close up and personal (but not too personal or offensive).

So let's have those questions sorted - the polls tell us that this is a two horse race but of course with 650 races in the overall competition this provides us with 650 chances for an outsider - and it could be your question that settles it where you are.

Whilst 326 seats marks the overall victory for whichever party would form the government, here at home it's a different battle that contributes to the whole.

So get thinking about what matters to you and if you're not sure what your candidates think:

Ask the question

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