Friday, 24 April 2015

Tamworth Hustings - 6 days to go: Where's the questions?

Well the Lib Dems have apparently seen a rise of one point as their popularity rises and the leaders remain static. But will that be the way our constituency votes?

Conservatives 34%

Labour             33%

UKIP                13%

Lib Dems          9%

Green Party      5%

Are you happy with the election thus far?

Do you know what the parties stand for and what they promise to do and (sometimes more importantly) what they promise not to do?

Do you have questions over what you have read or heard?

There's so much information and disinformation on offer and there are so many people who portray things regarding the parties and the candidates that are mistaken and sometimes just downright lies.

Want to to know the truth? The send in your questions - or bring them in with you on the Hustings at St Editha's on the 30th and help yourself vote intelligently. You are coming aren't you?

You can also post questions here if you like - just send me questions.

Should you be doing this Vicar?
This is a question I was asked recently on Facebook. The conversation went (exactly) like this:

  • A Friend My feelings are that the Church shouldn't get involved in politics.
  • Vic Van Den Bergh But the Church is people and people need to vote intelligently - we're not being political we're being responsible citizens.
  • A Friend Unbiased then.
  • Vic Van Den Bergh I have to be for a number of reasons, but yes - totally unbiased. My job is to provide a level playing field for others to get questions asked and make up their own mind.

    For a Cleric to use their position to engage in bias would be an abuse of the role.
  • A Friend Yes I agree, mine too.
  • Vic Van Den Bergh I'm only doing the hustings because people keep telling me that they don't know who to vote for because they don't know what they stand for - church is about providing solutions of all kinds.

  • One of the things Church must never do is find itself unwilling (or unable) to give answers for its actions.

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