Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Seems to me being Christian . . . .

Seems to me that there are a number of people who confuse serving God and doing what they want to do!

Seems to me that serving God means that we are obedient to His Word - this means accepting it as true and seeking to live within the standards and expectations that He has for us rather than rewriting it to justify(or permit) our own choices (and it seems that, unless medical/scientific research has produced something new in the past hour, they are still choices) and lifestyles!

Seems to me that serving God means that we love one another. This means refraining from the wicked and malicious lies and attitudes that so many people exhibit and being willing to dialogue and seek ways of peace, not just our own ways!

Seems to me that there are some people who want things as they have always been and are are unwilling to at least explore (consider, discuss, research - use whatever term you wish) the options and alternatives that others bring into the mix. Now doing so is not defending orthodoxy, it is condemning the Church to accusations of being as blind and bigoted as it was when Galileo was suggesting things! We must be open to the views of others and be willing to contest with them and their views in a Biblically-sound, God-honouring way.

Seems to me, we're doing a lot of stuff in our own strength and to suit our own ends!

Time to take stock and take a look in the mirror and see if we can see anything of Jesus!


UKViewer said...

I must admit I am a little bemused by some of the things going on at the moment. But taking a pragmatic view, while I might agree or disagree with them, I feel strongly that views held in conscience and expressed in love and neighbourlyness are not hurting anyone.

But when I hear or read of people being vilified or their character assassinated then I am saddened.

Differences have always been accommodated in the Church, I hope and pray that we can still live together united in the loose alliance that is anglicanism.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

I think part of the problem is I'm sure some of the attitudes and views that abound in church although held 'in conscience' and even expressed in love are contentious and do bring a measure of hurt. Even so, there's no need to compound those feeling or the damage they bring is there?

Like you, I feel a great deal of sadness at the actions and attitudes of some.

Where possible - dialogue and accommodation are excellent (and right) but of course when this is not possible we do need to consider ways of parallel existence I guess.