Saturday, 22 June 2013

Name that Tune: A Clergy Nightmare?

One of the interesting challenges I have to contend with is the telephone call from people who can't find a piece of music or the words to a song and this has caused me to build up a fairly comprehensive collection of music and hymn books.

The fun comes when someone asks for something they can remember from school days some sixty years past and they tell you it went like:
'dum de dum , de dum de dum,
Jesus keep me in thy sight, and guard me,
through the coming night.'

Now I know there will be many who have reached for their buzzers to place the answer 'The day is past and over' (setting St Antolius) but for many of us who weren't doing church before the second world war - it is a struggle.

Another recent struggle was found in the words, 'Lamb of God, Redeemer Blessed grant them your eternal rest.'

Ideas anyone (there is a prize ;-))

And here's part of the resource department:


KirstenM said...

I put those lines into google and came up with a likely contender on The first line is Lord to whom the spirits live.
Anc and Mod 1922 ed no 748.
Any good?

Allie P said...

Metre of words is 88.88.88, suggested tunes at are Barragh (John Chetham, Book of Psalmody, 1718) (as KirstenM suggests), or Christcurch (Rev Sir Frederic A G Ouseley). Cyberhymnal adds South Cerney (WH Hadow, English Hymnal 1906 number 359).

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Hmmm, interesting ;-)

I'll leave it to soak a little longer

Anonymous said...

How about 486 (A&M 1950) - the Samuel Wesley hymn:

O Lord, to whom the spirits live?

The line being:

O Lamb of God, Redeemer Blest,
Grant them eternal light and rest.

Set to Brecknock 88.88.88