Friday 28 June 2013

Street Angels - Something good hits the streets

Last night I was privileged to spend some time with Burton's Street Angels as they went about their Thursday night engagement with the partying population of that place. Going out in teams of four, each one having a role as Team Leader, Mel, briefed the others (who fulfilled roles doing First Aid, Radio Communications and the like) on last week's experiences and provided general intelligence of what was happening in the community (end of term for the college) and what they might expect.

This done the team loaded up and went out to work their patch (with me as gooseberry in two :-)) and what I saw was great. There were the guys who work at getting people into their clubs, the security people (doormen) and the general populace were all in evidence and the team were greeted and engaged with as friends. No wonder as they make life simpler by helping those who have had a little too much to drink, provide flip flops for those who can no longer balance on the amazing hiiiiiigh heels, pass out water, provide tea, coffee and help those who would otherwise get into trouble stay out of it!

As they walked the streets, one of those who passed them asked, "What are Street Angels?' to which the bloke she was with said, 'They look after you if you get drunk.'

Never has a truer word been said!

Street Angels are there to help those enjoying themselves do so in a safe and protected environment and many do it because it's an extension of their Christian ministry of getting out there and serving their communities - want to know more?

Then find one in your area and if you can't - then it's time to talk to CNI and start one where you are :-)

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