Monday, 17 June 2013

Restart Party - Tamworth

Here's a bit of a 'heads up' for those I know who are techie types, are good at using their hands or  can handle soldering irons and components.

The reason for this is that I have come across one of the most exciting things since people suggested putting butter and jam onto toast - it's called a 'Restart Party'.

What happens is that you find a place (church or church hall?) and invite people to a party - but it's a party with a difference as those who come bring bits of kit that no longer works and is destined fror the bin with the aim that it gets mended. This means that those who would otherwise be going out to buy new stuff can hang on to their money - or better still won't have to borrow to buy replacement kit - and so we are making a difference in so many ways:

Stopping people get into  or increase, their debt because they don't need to spend!

Reduces the amount of stuff that our 'disposable' mindset would have us bin!

Brings us into contact with people - building community and fostering relationships.

So what do we need?

A Host

A venue


Repair people: Technical and practical sorts

This is not designed to stop people taking stuff to professional repair people - after all, it is ridiculous to help one sector of the community and put others other of work isn't it?
But what a great opportunity to save the planet - reduce debt - change lives - get involved


Click here and get started where you are:

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