Monday, 17 June 2013

Hijacking things to make a point ...

... and saying what we really want to say isn't always one and the same thing!

A 'for instance' has to be yesterday's celebration of Fathers and the number of people I saw who posted things like:

And the perhaps sadder:

 Now as much as I am aware of what is outside of my very own front door with regard to the  'man deserts' and 'tsunamis of family breakdown' and which I understand that there are so many lone female parents out there (and those children with two parent present are now officially in the minority), I have to say that outside of my doors there are also men who struggle to be lone parents too!

So I have to ask the question, 'If the writing was on the other sex, how would many of those who posted such things yesterday feel about it?'

The problem we have in this world today is that amongst all the rancour, bitterness and revenge-seeking, there exist little balance and even less charity. Experience outside of my church doors demonstrates that for many the other side of the coin which proclaims, 'All men are rapists,' has on it the words, 'All women are whores!'

Yesterday was a day to celebrate those fathers who are there for their children and work hard at being role models, providers, carers and more besides.

It was a day to recognise that there are many fathers out there for whom yesterday was a day when they were prevented from seeing their children because mum has a new bloke or the breakdown of the relationship which brought the children into being was acrimonious!

It was a day to celebrate what is good in the male role model - not abuse some because of the bad behaviour of others.

There will always be those (male and female alike) for whom the parental role is an area where failure is the reality and just as we don't lash out at absent mothers (and they exist) I really don't think it's right to lash out at the fathers either.

Perhaps these might have been better images to post:

In the book of Matthew (chapter seven) we are told that we must be careful in the ways that exercise judgement for we will be judged in the same way that we judge people. So to those who posted negatively on Sunday, can I ask whether you will be posting 'Father Positive' images on 'Mothering Sunday*'?

If the answer is 'No' then perhaps you need to stop and ask yourself 'Why?'.

*Mothering Sunday is about 'Mother Church'
 'Mother's (and Father's) day is about consumerism and pressure from card, eatery and gift manufacturers!


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