Saturday, 17 August 2013

Arsene Wenger Missing?

After the woeful display at the Emirates as a lacklustre Arsenal and an woefully incompetent Referee, Anthony Taylor, saw a team who under normal conditions would have gone home empty-handed leave with three goals and three points to their credit.

Sadly Wenger was unavailable for comment as he apparently had 'disappeared' but one of our sharp-eyed reporters sent this image which might explain where he went after leaving the bench:

"Non ma Chérie, I'm safe, I don't think they've recognised me!"

I'd like to think that Mike Riley (Ref's boss) might just take Taylor and, based on today's performance, send him back to the park football his ability merits!

hey ho - just a game and to put perspective back into the proceedings I see that things are no better in Egypt, a ferry has sunk in the Philippines (killing many) and the island of Madeira is being devastated by fires.

Happy Saturday

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