Saturday, 31 August 2013

Clever Campaigning using technology

Whilst I rarely find myself warming to the many campaign groups who are out there, generally because they have no consideration for others when they seek to make their case, here's a clever techie based protest that spoiled no one's day (other than oil executives, their investors and the organisers of Formula One perhaps) and gained a tacit piece of advertising at the end of a race.

I found the efforts of the chap trying to remove the banner more distracting than the banner, especially as the german National Anthem was playing. It might have been better to have waited or perhaps folded the thing over - but no, he decided to wave it instead (which was probably just what the protesters wanted).

So here we are, my (extremely rare) nod to campaigning types:

I have to say that having had a quick look at the save the site I do find myself in agreement with their aims - protecting one of the last few places on earth that man has, thus far, managed to leave unspoiled is no wrong aim - is it?


Ray Barnes said...

Interesting Vic.
I do see what you mean about the ham-fisted banner remover.
As a life-long Greenpeace supporter I have no argument with this or any other of their protests, though sadly they mainly fall on deaf ears.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

I often find myself applauding the Greenpeace material - provocative and stimulating rather than intrusive or treating you like an idiot in the way that some groups appear to do stuff.