Sunday, 18 August 2013

Back in the groove

Normal service has been resumed and the holidays are fast on their way to becoming a memory as dawn breaks and the first service of the day beckons as I ponder the challenges, opportunities and blessings before me. After the early communion elsewhere we have a joint service with the local Methodist church a joyful event indeed in which we say goodbye to one of ours as they head for a gap year in India.

My diary has been steadily filling over the past few days and my dance card is almost full, and that's excellent on one hand and frustrating on the other, if only there were more hands to man the pump and free me up to do more. All-member ministry is an essential 'must have' if the Church is to function as it should and the role of the clergy in training, equipping and releasing the members is obvious as a practical measure and even more so as a spiritual one. My biggest desire is to see people come to faith and fulfil the calling on their lives. The joy of seeing people take up the challenges before them is something that never diminishes.

Today there will be so many people doing so many things in the services that will be taking place and I thank God for them and the common life and purpose we share. Today people will lead, read, pray, preach, hand out hymn books, make refreshments, teach Sunday School and do communion. They will carry crosses and candles swing thirubles, sing in choirs, play organs and more besides and I thank God for them and their selfless commitment and service as we, the Church, come to worship.

As the day unfolds may the power of the risen Christ touch you and His Holy Spirit enable, heal and bless you.

May we stand together as one and live in the reality of Church as family and friends.

May God bless you richly :-)

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