Sunday, 18 August 2013


There are some words that once spoken
will break the world in two
never to be one again
Unless the blood of Christ is made real.

Some acts that once committed
turn lies to truth, truth to lies
turning the world to dust and ashes
Unless the love of God is made flesh.

Some songs that will never be heard
that will never break the chains
nor see the ministry before them breathe and fly
Unless the Spirit of God dwells in the heart.

There are some songs that once sung
turns life into living
bringing colour into the greyness
As God sings over us, with us, for us.

Acts that, although committed,
are washed away by acknowledging and simply turning away
taken from us by our standing at the foot of the cross
As Jesus, the Christ, pays the price for us.

Risen Lord
God - made man - incarnate
makes us one with Him
and the Father,
through the power of the Spirit.

The offer is laid on the altar
the price is paid
the debts are cancelled
the doors, once closed, are open,
yours for the taking

The choice is yours

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