Monday, 25 August 2014

Iraqi Christians - a need for prayer

Open Doors calling for urgent prayer for the Iraqi Christians reporting that they are in great danger and that there is a real threat of being beheaded over the coming hours.

Where is the response to the UN statements of concern?

I see no real response from the Western nations, all I hear is silence from the Arab League and hear not one effective and influential Islamic voice speaking out against the situation.

The US are great at voting 'NO' in support of Israel yet are content to leave people on hillsides, resorting to UAVs and going onto the back foot when they should be looking to redress the situation they have helped create.




Ultramum said...

Unfortunately a hoax ...

The Iraqui Christians still need prayer though ...

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Really glad to hear it!!

Was passed a message by a (usually) trustworthy source and couldn't find anything to indicate that it (the warning) might be flaky.

Thanks for the link