Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Scotland/England and that referendum

I have to say that I'm feeling rather sad over the issue of Scottish independence for a number of reasons, the greatest of these being what a friend referred to as a prime example of 'Narrow Nationalism'! I'm concerned with poverty across the board (and borders) but this doesn't necessarily apply to those who want a 'Yes' vote - and that is indeed rather sad.

Add to this a comment from a young person from the oil capital of Scotland, Aberdeen, who (perhaps ironically wore a 'Yes' badge) thought that the money generated from the oil and gas industry that is centred in that place, "Hadn't made much difference or been seen here!" and the claims of wealth (see below) and the promise of Scotland as a land of plenty all seem just a little hollow if the OBR (Office of Budget Responsibility) are to be believed:

North Sea oil

Interesting that the Scottish claims, which generally appear to be founded in the land of 'I want it to be' are estimated by an expert on the subject, Sir Ian Wood, to be as much as 60% too high. A spokesman for the 'Yes' party response was something akin to, "That can't be right because we don't want it be!"

Look at the pound and the 'Yes' vote group are determined that they will keep the GBP (that's Great British Pound) 'because they want to!' and that is really all that needs to be known. Mind you, since then Alex has said that should it come to it they will keep the pound (Guess that will be the SAP - Scotland Alone Pound). I can't wait to see the exchange rate!

When in Scotland I was stunned to find out how many businesses from that side of the border are looking to move South should the 'Yes' vote succeed. I was then appalled when someone explained that a 'Yes' would lead to Scotland becoming an independent, England-free, third world nation as billions of SAPs were lost from tax income.

I see Scotland is keen to get rid of things that go bang in the night and this meaning nuclear would see British military establishments close. Personally I think this can only be good for those places in England that would be receiving them and so this is surely a win-win outcome. Mind you, can't see how the Scottish military are going to find a home in NATO but guess the border guards and those on guard outside Edinburgh would find something for those who choose to remain to do. I read somewhere that Scotland would have its own Special Forces (perhaps they could be called 'Special Brew'?) to protect the rigs and the like.

All in all I am sad because I don't think this campaign gives a monkeys about the people who live in Scotland and don't think it's beneficial for any of those who consider themselves British (which I do). I am sad because I found Scotland to be a wonderful place to be and found it populaced with extremely lovely people too - and I would like us to be working together for a common good.


I can understand that many would rather be free from England in their own country regardless of the fact that it might mean they can stand proudly, but bankrupt, rather than solvent but on their knees!

I can understand that a vote for the 'Yes' campaign might mean that at last Scotland could have its own Eurovision contestant and vote of their own!

I can understand that losing the BBC and other media channels (TV and Radio) might be seen as a good thing, after all they can always subscribe to Sky and other channels (can't they) but would they take all the great Scottish TV shows (Balamory to name the only one I can think of) with them? This would be a shame from my side of the TV!

Scotland could have their own monarch (I'd favour Billy Connolly) and bard (think J K Rowling's out of the running for that job) and better still - could, once it's gained the required status and approval (which I read takes 3-5 years) could even join the EU (I fancy the name ALBA myself).

So where we are waiting to see which way the vote goes - and I have to say that that anything other than a vote to stay together would be a tragedy for all concerned - mind you, shouldn't all members of the United Kingdom have a vote? The Scots as to whether they want to stay and the others as to whether we want to keep any union with them! Seems to me that this is a very one-sided divorce in prospect and should they go they will not only have to take over custody of the children (who one Glaswegian said were like people from nnnnn - an not popular people group - who had many of the jobs in England) and also pay their part of the national debt as they leave too.

Seems to be a divisive and wrong discussion all round - has nothing to do with the people only bitterness, rancour and division and I can only see the poor getting poorer North of the border and those to the South losing something money cannot buy :(

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