Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Journal: down time

And never did the word 'down' have such meaning!

Having done the daily Office and got life started I spent just a little time in the office to square away some funerals and check telephone messages in case there were problems that needed attention. That done I found myself reading for a bit before going off to the cinema to see a film I'm still not sure about as as it was relentless, harrowing and lore like being back at work with the issues and situations it covered. To be honest, as the screen finally faded to black I half expected a sob or a gunshot from within the place as a final response from those gathered. It made 'pursuit of happiness' look like Mary Poppins!
But the day off happened and whilst I managed to pretty much keep the feast I still had time to keep the faith and that was important!

So in a day where I met no one, engaged in no serious pastoral situation and kept below the radar, Lord I thank you for the Sabbath rest I enjoyed and look to tomorrow to the people lined up and situations I will encounter. Help me to take your light into the places around me.

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