Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Journal: a joyous day

Time off is upon me and I'm loving it. That said still had to organise some funerals that have just come in and do some telephone calls but enjoying time with the wife.

God continues to bless, provide and wipe slate clean and that's more than any of us deserve - but thankfully Grace has that covered!

Praying for:
P, who has gone into hospital with a trip to the theatre for heart surgery tomorrow,
D, who had a mental health review today,
C, who needs a home and some stability.
K, for continued progress with their life.
L, for the bargain bucket of needs they, and their family, have,
LA & LP that God would continue to bless and that the journey would be gentle,

Lord, hear our Prayer.

(Feel free to pray for the needs above and stand with me in prayer for them)

This place of reflection is here for me to dialogue internally and gain insight and perspective. It first appeared in this current form for some of those looking at creating their own journal as part of the their journey to discerning vocation. The Morning prayer is there also for that same purpose: to create the discipline of prayer.

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