Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Journal: Down time

Today was spent in the company of some really lovely people - so much so that the admin' was fun - amazing how being in the company of some people can raise a smile and make the day skip.

Didn't buy the wife a Valentine's card, but made up for it by buying her neither chocolates or flowers either. Consistency, it seems, is what it is all out. So, a happy wife and slightly less well of card, chollate and florist - sounds like a bargain, doesn't it?

But the school assembly on Valentine was loud, quick and had some electronics and chocolates, so that's another win. In fact there was magic too, but I never got round to using it as the time went so quickly and the children were so full in, no need to do stuff for the sake of it.

270AD, middle of the month, Valentine buys the farm and the world seeks to make money out of it!

2000 years back, a man dies in a cross to show what love is, and we struggle to give it away!!

Thought to myself, "A week without a funeral, that's odd," and then remembered that Inhad one on Monday, so all is well on that front. A couple more just come in and there's a wedding or three on the horizon too. Where are the baptisms?

But today has been a chilled and reflective day, daily bread means I've been fed, man leaving an empty grave shows I've been forgiven, Spirit within me means I'm the light of Christ wherever I go.

Just need to live up to all that now, don't I?

This place of reflection is here for me to dialogue internally and gain insight and perspective. It first appeared in this current form for some of those looking at creating their own journal as part of the their journey to discerning vocation. The Morning prayer is there also for that same purpose: to create the discipline of prayer. 

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