Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Journal: full on with a tinge of sadness

Another manic day - with many highs and a few lows today as I met with people who are rigidly fixed and obviously unwilling to entertain any viewpoint but their own. I live by the mantra, "It's good to talk!"

If I disagree with people then I want to talk with them to understand their point of view and share mine so that in the worst outcome possible we might at least understand where each person is coming from. Of course the best outcome is that we learn from each other and gain insight and perhaps move closer together - it's not about changing people's minds, it's about bringing understanding and harmony.

 Someone I dialogued with last weekend, on this same isssue but from the opposite camp to today's main protagonist, used theological thinking and Bible to underpin their argument. It seems interesting, and extremely sad, that many of the growing divisions in the Church of England see power vs Biblical views as the contest.

I need to get a grip on this. I need to have an understanding of what's going on so that I might be able to pastor with integrity. Time for some retreat and study time methinks.

Cherry on today's cake has to be the patronal service to celebrate the life and ministry of St Chad. We celebrated the Eucharist, shared food and drink and brought some of our favourite bits of poetry and writings and shared them. Church like what it should be :-)

So Lord, for those whom my ministry today has touched, I thank You.
May the man I am never get in the way of the God You are.

For the needs I have met, I am grateful;
For the needs I have caused I am truly sorry.
For the blessings received, the sins forgiven and the bread given,
Lord accept my love and praise.
And tonight as I sleep may You be my protection and my rock.

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