Monday, 27 February 2017

Journal: Wow!

I think that's the only word I can use to describe the day now past: Wow!

Talk about variety - funeral visits, home Communions, funeral service, pastoral stuff, Kid's Club, bit of time at the Monday drop in, admin (hooray), lunch on the hoof and then there was the usual stuff to add to it as a kind of garnish. If Vicars only work one day - I guess that must be me finished for the week then!!!

Was actually a bit disciplined today as the finish line was drawn and kept to - nothing after 22:00; so feeling a little pleased with myself (is this the sin of pride or the satisfaction of discipline I have to ask?).

It's been a brilliant day as a couple of people have done what they needed at their stage of selection and received a thumbs up. How cool is this - looking forward to seeing them start training in due course and make their formational journey. Another is in the final part of their training and heading towards ordination. Vocations are such a privileged place to be part of at all levels.

Lord, I pray for all who are testing and discerning their vocations - give them clarity of vision and a true self-awareness that they might find that place where the leadedness of life becomes the gold of being the person they have been called, and made, to be. Bring humility and confidence, leadership and the ability to be led by others into their realities and touch their families with your continuing grace I pray.

In a five funeral week, I pray for the wisdom to speak words of life and to reflect the deceased with integrity, compassion and freshness. Comfort those who mourn and help us to be more than just a formality. May those whom I serve in this way hear the words of life in the midst of death and be touched by Your healing hand.

For those I communicate at home, I pray that this expression of true koinonia and Grace. All are on a journey towards the grave, some sooner than later, and all, whether attending or not, are family. Bring me more people to visit and help me never to become like so many careers whose arrival is to perform whatever as quickly as possible and move on. Help me to give the gift of time and the gift of love to all I visit.

And for the pastoral matters I pray that Your hand be seen and You will be done. As You give us our daily bread - forgive our sins and make us new creations - touch the lives of the children we engage with and help them to see something compelling in the love You are.

And for tomorrow? Bring it on Lord!!

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