Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday Morning and all is quiet at the coal face

Funny how Sundays begin here at around 06:00 with farming followed by the Radio Four religious equivalent of the 'Today' programme. Diversity rules here and as I listen each week I find stimulation, despair and (now and then) a bit of encouragement.

Seven years after the discovery of the gay Gene we now have the consecration of the another openly homosexual cleric and what will undoubtedly be additional fuel to the conflagration that rages within the Church of England and the Anglican Communion worldwide. Sadly, while other voices urging many things are heard above the din, it appears that the one voice who should be heard remains silent (well I've heard and read nothing).

Where are you Rowan? Does your silence indicate a frustration at the lack of 'restraint' from those whom you apparently support? IS it merely a silence that permits your friends to acts unimpeded by observation and comment? It is an attempt to say nothing in the hope that others will do the same?

In this act from the Americas do we see the final act of UDI and within the implicit two-fingered gesture to the rest of the Anglican Communion see the line now crossed and the letters of removal signed, with them i's dotted and the t's crossed at last?

I was amazed that this news item has featured so lightly today and wonder whether this is the calm before the storm or an indication that we have decided to concentrate on bigger issues.

Two months (almost) is a very long time to remain silent on this issue - we really do need guidance and leadership and . . . . oh yeah, hope!

Come out come out (can I say that in this context?) wherever you are - because those of us working at a Parish level have to answer the criticism from other churches about being 'apostate' and deal with the issues from real people who are frustrated, saddened and confused.

And we don't have the luxury of ivory towers and silence!

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