Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Rapture - Wait a minute

I forgot to count the other fingers!

So now we have a 'kind' God who's going to do the rapturing and the destruction in one go - now that what I call economy:

Economy of effort

Economy of Scriptural veracity (but does have a voracious appetite for Rapture predicting!)

Economy of brain cell usage (ask those who supported his last effort how they feel at the moment!)

Harold, you plonker, you've gone and done it again!!!


ps. I hate spellcheckers Oliver ;)


Stuart said...

I suppose we have to give him his due, he is a tenacious old plonker....

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Well, makes a change from Rodney I guess ;)

Problem us that he appears to be denying Scripture on more than one count now- rapture & end of world at same time - where's tribulation then?

Will have to be just before tea!!


Simon W said...

What must the world be thinking of us Christians at the moment?!

Yes, we are all put into one basket!

Phillip said...

Don't these people have something better to spend their time and money on. Going fishing for instance!