Thursday, 20 December 2012

Come let us sing - don't they know it's . . . ?

This morning I could not contain my excitement as I ran around my study doing my Lancaster impressions and called out to God and was glad in his presence, singing songs of joy and interceded for the world and all within it it!

No, I hadn't gone more bonkers than normal but the words of Psalm 46, which are to be found as a hymn set to the 'Dambusters' tune, and the 'Venite' (psalm 95):

'O come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.
Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. . . . '

Just set me off on a roll. How could I not sing His praises and sing out joyfully in psalms and songs of praise?

How could I be silent as all around me those who claim to have no Christian belief are singing songs about the LORD (the ultimate, absolute and everything being) coming to earth in flesh as one of us to reveal His solution to ALL the world's problems? Of course, they (generally) think that what they have before them is Argostide, the season formerly known as 'CHRISTmas' (also featured as the  'Oooh, it's for the kiddies!' event of the year!).

People who would wish to deny the reality of Jesus and would distance themselves from His birth by use of the banal 'Happy Holidays' (what on earth does that mean?) it's as crass as Birmingham's 'Winterval' as they seek to lump people of differing faiths and none!

Mind you, they make sure they can display their contempt for the season by:

i.    getting as drunk as possible as often as possible,
ii.   by engaging in acts that deny the message of love, peace and reconciliation, and
iii.  by corrupting the humble gift of love that is Jesus; the sacrificial giving of a long-gone bishop (Nicholas) and making it about money and stuff.

So, are you one of those who will stand by today and tomorrow and keep silent or will you be singing out for the LORD I wonder.

I know what I'm going to keep doing - after all 'they don't know it's CHRIST's mass (appeal) time?

And whose fault is it if they don't I wonder? (hint - have a look in the mirror and ask them too ;-)  )


Revsimmy said...

I'm happy with most of this, Vic, but want to pick up on a couple of minor points:
1. "Happy Holidays" is a recognition that Christians are not the only ones celebrating a major festival at this time of year. In a multifaith society this is important. Its origins are, I believe, in the US where the significance of the Jewish community's celebration of Hanukah is acknowledged. Of course, here we also have Diwali which seems to move about a bit date-wise but occurs mid-winterish. This doesn't (or shouldn't) stop Christians witnessing to the birth of our Saviour, but I am always very pleased to receive my annual card from a local Islamic organisation wishing me "Happy Holidays".

2. It appears that now even the Daily Fail have acknowledged that their reporting of the "Winterval story" was in error. "Winterval" (as a Birmingham City press statement made clear at the time) was a programme of special events over a rather extended period of time that included Christmas but was never intended to redefine or replace Christmas. Somewhat ironically, this has been widely tweeted this morning from a New Humanist article here.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Whilst I had to differ with you (we'd look wise if we did anything else no wouldn't we ;-) ) I have to say that for 2012:

Diwali was 13th - 17th November.
Hannukah was 8th - 16th December.
Advent began on the 2nd December and ends when Christmas starts (which I make it to be 24th December.
Christmas begins with Christmas Eve and ends 5th January

Now I know that for so many Christmas starts in november (our town's lights went on on the 17th and the week leading to that saw a christmas tree festival) but I am afraid that I see the 'Happy Holidays' as less of an attempt to be egalitarian or accomodating and actually something that is the very opposite of that!

In fact - I think I'm spurred to use your comments as reason for stating my own position - but not in a bah humbug sort of way (so I'll dialogue with your comments there (hope you don't mind)

Thanks for comments Si,