Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Wayside Pulpits (3) - 'No Christmas for you!'

Not sure what this did when I saw (having just read a post from a cleric complaining that "Christmas doesn't only have the midnight services but another one on the Christmas morning (and that is just too much!)" this:

Come on people get a life - happens once a year and if you weren't 'doing it' you'd still be at it wouldn't you?

You would still be going wouldn't you?


Anonymous said...

Yes...I would attend church on Christmas Day even if I weren't taking the service - it wouldn't be Christmas without having done so (and I have never complained about the number of services over Christmas, although I will confess to being disappointed that not more of the regular congregation attend them - because they are off visiting family, or have already been to church, or they are busy, or don't like children or have some other reason).

Anonymous said...

My issue is with those who consider they have attended church on Christmas day because they left it after the midnight service. seems once you have the tick in the box you don't need to come - perhaps that is why our church struggles so?