Friday, 28 December 2012

Made me laugh - should carry a health warning!

This is one of those things that made me (and others who saw it) laugh out loud - it's one of those amazingly simple to do and yet incredibly funny things and the thought alone keeps you chuckling.

So take a deep breath and read on:



Melissa Clark said...

Happy New Year! Hugs! Nice post...

KirstenM said...

I had a similar problem playing Peter and the Wolf to a music class. When I put it on my mp3 player it arranged the tracks in alphabetical order by track title instead of track number order. Made it difficult to present the story in the correct sequence!

UKViewer said...

I had a similar problem with an ipod and speakers at a Remembrance Service. Set to play he last post and reveille with a one minute silence.

Unfortunately, the ipod has somehow uploaded I Will Walk 500 miles by the Proclaimers from from my laptop, and that played out loud and clear.

What should have been a quiet reflective mood was one of smiles and laughter.

Luckily those there understood that technology has its bleeps. :(