Sunday, 16 December 2012

Prepare the way of the Lord

So there they were,
a nation who hadn't heard from God for a long time,
not a word from Him,
not even a postcard!
No, not for a very long time indeed,
four hundred years to be exact.
They'd made religion what they wanted it to be;
there were those who were religious,
those who were 'right' and,
well you know -
those who just wanted to live their own way!
And then,
from nowhere it seems,
this bloke,
this 'nutter' dressed in bits of Camel,
eating locusts and honey,
and (to be honest) in need of a bath, shave and haircut,
comes shouting out of the wilderness.
He says he's the front man for,
for God's solution!
Would you believe it?
Nothing for all that time and then,
there there he is,
shouting about repenting,
turning around and walking away from their sin.
making twisted ways straight,
talking about one who was coming,
and something about sandals and laces too!
Talking about:
the Messiah;
talking about the end of the world.

What on earth did he know of the Mayans?

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