Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Mission Shaped Ministry

A brief 'heads up' for those who live within striking distance of Tamworth (Staffs) who might be interested in doing the 'Mission Shaped Ministry' (MSM) Course beginning on Thursday 26th September.

It's an amazingly valuable and effective resource for those engaged in (or thinking about) some form of Fresh Expression (FE) of Church and those who want to understand what it's all about and what FE might mean to them and their churches in an ecumenical setting (yes, that means people from ALL and ANY Christian churches are welcome)

The course covers various elements, including:
Starting, sustaining and growing fresh expressions of church;
Mission context;
The mission of God;
Vision and call;
Preparation for mission;
Listening for mission;
What is church?
Gospel and culture;
Team roles and behaviour;
Children and all-age;
Lessons from weaknesses;
Handling setbacks and failure;
Small group church;
Worship and the sacraments.

How Long Does it Take?
Six evenings and Six Saturdays (plus potentially a weekend residential too)

Then please contact me so we can gauge the demand and sort the thing out.
You can do that by messaging me or visit the St Francis' site (link on left of page) and mailing me.


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