Saturday, 13 July 2013

Last day of the week

And what is there to celebrate thus far?

The high point has to be the Thursday with its early communion and a visit from +Clive (Wolverhampton) and the clergy of our deanery. The dialogue session gave me great cause for encouragement and I could see green shoots in many places; the Mission Action Plans being extremely encouraging as they were forward-looking, realistic and do-able.

Lunch as ever was a joy (made even more so by the + buying) and the time spent with him visiting the TCC* 'Starfish' initiative

and talking time to mull over the new building plans for our little church with some of St Andrew's leaders to gauge impact, need and viability.

One of the things that made the day such a success was our friends at St Andrew's Methodist Church letting us use their meeting room and I have to say that I treasure the ever-growing relation we have with our Church family up the road from us (joint service at St Francis' in couple of weeks).

Other news - I did an impromptu magic show fro a friend whose magic act had let heim down at the last minute - a wonderful funeral for an amazing man who left behind a wife of some sixtyy-one years of marriage (and I thought twenty was good).

Had a challenging and eye-opening meeting with the + again on Friday with my Assistant Rural Dean hat on - I can see how energy, vision and optimism are key skills for his role. But it was good and as much as I have tried to keep away from it, I find that I do miss some of the strategic thinking and planning meetings that were so much a part of my former life in the wonderful world of banking and finance!!!

This week I met some wonderfully gifted and called people and have the privilege, with Vocation's advice hat on, to be involved with them in the early stages of exploration and discernment.

And of course there's been the usual round of pastoral conversations and paperwork (there's always paperwork).

All of which leads me to say: I love this priestly ministry stuff and the people I am called to serve and work with.

That surely deserves a 'Hallelujah'!

*TCC - Tamworth Covenanting Churches (our 'Churches Together) group

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