Sunday, 7 July 2013

What an amazing week that was

Last week was one of those amazing weeks that blesses your socks off yet leaves you wondering where it went (and how come so much is left to do.

Sunday: Ordination of the Revd. David Short at St Alban's Abbey

The sun shone, the choir sang and heaven rejoiced!

Monday: Staff meeting, business meetings, Kid's Club, Home visits and (yeeha) PCC!

4:28 - the quiet before the storm 

Tuesday: Tamworth Street Angels comes into being with various other meetings and engagements on this, a business and paperwork day.

At last - a dream comes true and we're off!

Wednesday: Funeral visits, Bike Ride to the Wall, Chaplaincy work

Standards of the Royal Signals Association as we remember those who have served
Thursday: Early communion service (more chairs needed yet again), drop-in, boat building (see I do take time off), Air Cadets.

Final stage in the lining out complete!

Friday: Dedication of the new names added to the Armed Force's memorial walls - Fifty-two names were added to the wall this year - dona eis requiem.

A salute by the BBMF's Lancaster
We will remember them

Followed by Kid's Club (now that's a sea change :-) )

One of the many blessings that this church gives to the community

Saturday: Provided PA for a church fete and then on to medicals and recruit training before finally ending the day (19:00) with a barbecue (even more time off!)

Of course there's loads of telephone calls, paperwork and ad hoc meetings that act as the filler in the normal daily run but, all in all, an absolutely fantastic and blessed week

And so - on to a great day with early communion, all-age service, Youth Alpha and BCP evensong to challenge, cause to worship and generally bless.

You know? I couldn't pay enough to be a minister and yet I get to do it for free.

How wonderful is that?

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