Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Now that's what I call a school visit: Large Hadron Collider

Just back in and have to say that I have developed the gift of envy as our son sets off for Luton Airport (sadly none knew who Lorraine Chase was - must be a generational thing) en route to CERN and the large hadron collider!

When I was his age we were supposed to be happy with a visit around Ford's Dagenham car plant (and we were, we was grateful for things in those far off, halcyon  days) or a visit to the EverReady battery manufacturing plant and the pinnacle of all visits: Battersea Power Station; but a visit to Switzerland and a chance to play science in a place where science plays such a large part?

Back home I wonder if our children realise just how privileged they are today - I know we didn't when we were their age.

I guess it's true that today is the great days we used to have in thirty years time :-)

Time for bed methinks.

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Ray Barnes said...

Too true.
Most things are better in retrospect or in anticipation, than in the present moment.
Part of the human condition I fear.