Monday, 15 July 2013

Tamworth Street Angels - Update

Like a speeding snail, the initial organisational tasks of Tamworth Street Angels are progressing forward at what feels rather slow (and yet I am told we are really moving as some pace) as the web presence and the Twitter accounts @TamworthSA have both become live.

In addition to this conversations with potential trustees and stakeholders are progressing and it is hoped that new names will be appearing alongside Staffordshire Police, the Samaritans and Tamworth Covenanting Churches.

There are three obvious groups of people who make up such an organisation as ours:

1. Trustees and Champions

2. Support workers, and

3. Those one the street.

At the moment we need people to populate all three areas so if you fancy fulfilling our needs for Secretary, Treasurer and other of the immensely vital jobs that put feet on the streets - apply now.

For those who are interested in being 'out there' - there will be training on offer shortly, so get signing up NOW (please).

It is my hope that we will see the first encounter with the streets happen before we reach the end of September - but to do this we need volunteers (and some more funding I imagine).

And for those who want to be involved in something vital for this project now - please pray for the needs we have and that the right people come along and get involved.


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