Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Answering the 'What do we do about Education?' Question

Following on from, and regarding, the OECD education survey I have already found myself being asked what we should do about the literacy and numeracy results issue and so, because I'm a helpful sort, here's my thinking:

First thing to do: Get churches to encourage their members to become parent or community governors in their local schools and get them to start making a difference to their local education community in a positive and supportive way.

Next Step:  Encourage our church members to get involved in supporting the teaching staff and engaging with the pupils. There are many primary schools out there who are crying out for volunteers to come in and help then every day with reading with children and many other support roles. We are crying our for them and the money is just not there, especially in UPA, Estate Churches and other 'needy' areas - but this is generally true for most schools regardless of where they are.

And Then:  We get involved with the politics of the piece and this is where we make our faith something real because at the end of the day being Christian means nothing if it isn't out there and getting down and dirty with the world and it's needs. Faith without works (there's that James again) is hollow and empty and unless we're active and engaged and 'being the difference' (and that means reconciling creation to God through the Son) then we might as well go shopping on a Sunday.

Join a political party (there's not enough Christians in them) and go to public meetings (Tamworth residents - 16th October - get your tickets for 'Question Time' event now!) and take every opportunity to be engaged with the things that make your town tick.

The Kingdom of God, especially as envisaged by Paul is very much like the Roman Empire. If you were a citizen of Rome then it was your first duty to ensure that Rome prospered and when the Empire was under threat, there you were supporting it, defending it, revising and refining it. This is what we are called to do - to be citizens of the Christian Empire and from this comes a people who will seek to serve those around it, even when they are not full citizens (ask me about the Cives Romani and 'being fully Christian' some time).

But that'll do for now. Please go and read the OECD report here and start your journey of engaging with our children's education and the future of our nation.

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