Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tamworth Street Angels - Another step further

Three years or so on and Tamworth Street Angels has a bunch of trustees in place and the various elements relating to training and linking in to the town's services are also coming together and so it is with some great pleasure that I can announce a public meeting to inform, recruit and generally enthuse those who would like to become part of Tamworth's Street Angels group.

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Please tell your friends (if you have friends),  acquaintances, fellow church members (if you go to church), colleagues, fellow unbelievers (if you're non-theist) and strangers you meet in the street, on the trains, buses and down the nick!

Anywhere and everywhere - spread the good news that Tamworth is moving up a gear when it comes to being a caring society.

And be warned - there's more good news to come very soon (so have a nap!).

You have the time, the date and the location - so see you very soon I hope (refreshments provided)

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