Sunday, 13 October 2013

Thought for the day: Always check your sources

I read something recently and was outraged by the 'facts' contained within it. What made it worse was that the person it had come from was someone I trusted and so, upon finding that what I'd been enraged by was an amalgam of three separate incidents with a teaspoon of spin and some convenient mathematics I telephoned them.

'Oh well,' they said, 'The information was sort of right and the people who it points fingers at still deserved it!'

This brings together two of my greatest dislikes:

Incorrect information - especially when sources weren't tested or checked, and

The application of the 'natural justice' gene - AKA 'they probably deserve/did it!'

So here's something to make you smile and encourage you to check your sources, do the maths and makes sure it' makes sense too!

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Allie P said...

In these instances, it is often a question of not only checking the immediate source, but researching the original source(s).