Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Forget Messy Church ...

How many of you out there remember when church was fuzzy?

Now I visit a number of clergy and people in the course of the year and was stunned to find someone recently tell me that their church had no time for all the clever LCD projectors and white boards, instead they still used their OHP (OverHead Projector) and acetates and 'Fuzzy Felts'.

Now for those of you out there who have missed this, Fuzzy Felt, was THE bee's knees when it came to Sunday School and All-Age services. Take a look at an example here:

The best bit was that during the sermon or activity these little figures would slowly curl and fall. An added attraction as we used to run a sweepstake on whether Mary, Joseph or Jesus would hit the floor first (my favourite was Daniel and the Lions).

Now considering the fact that we are a communications industry (Church) I struggle to see how people can take pride in living in the last century. We need to embrace and utilise to the full any technological advances that assist us in the task of getting our message out there and taking pride in living in the past is nothing but misplaced and destructive pride - so there we go, I'm officially frustrated of Tamworth (grrrr).


Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Ironically, I think I might buy some new fuzzy felt for use with kid's in infant school - but it will be new, not the stuff this chap was using (so hopefully it will stay on!)


Allie P said...

In my Beach Mission days we used boards covered with brushed nylon and the pictures/memory verses had velcro on the back. Did't even fall off the board when said board was blown off the easel by gusts of strong wind!