Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Army not 'hollowed out' but cuts are necessary

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has reiterated that the restructured British Army would be a "flexible and agile force" and the target of 82,000 regulars and 30,000 reserve forces would be "well up to the job before them."

"What are are seeing is a return to the old values of service," said spokesperson, George Silvermans, as plans for reserves to purchase their own equipment were outlined.He continued, "In the past, communities rallied round and equipped themselves to defend this nation and we are seeking a return to that pride that defends and the desire to make themselves fit to serve." 

From the early days when yeomanry forces were established through to the1st April 1908 when the Territorial Army first stood to as a force (happy 106th Birthday) members of our communities have made the sacrifice and gone into places of conflict to serve and defend the realm. This return to good old fashioned values will see our Navy, Army and Air Force back up there with the best.

When asked for more information, a spokesman for military procurement, George Millets, said, "The government realise that it is not realistic for members of the forces to purchase all of their equipment, after all it's illegal to possess firearms, ordnance and projectiles, which will of course be provided along with the necessary training, and vehicles, aircraft and boats are all outside of the reach of recruits, but uniforms and personal clothing, PLCE (what we call webbing and bergens) and boots will all be purchased by the individual. There will be an allowance of £250 a year to assist with this purchase and we will work with a series of preferred suppliers - many of whom will be found on your local High Street."

What are you waiting for?
Get down to the recruiting office and get a clothing list!

So, fancy being part of the british forces (Sea, Land or Air)?

If so, get yourself down to the local recruiting office and ask for a clothing list (Form 4PR1L1) today!

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