Tuesday, 8 April 2014

BT Mail - a recurring nightmare!

One of the more essential services used by clergy today is that of email and when it becomes unstable to the point that one cannot perform the day-to-day tasks it is time to consider a change of provider - and this is where I find myself with BT and their woeful service.

People send emails with the assumption that sent and received are one and the same thing! We tend not to call people to confirm reception and are, all too often, frustrated with the recipient when they claim the missive was never received; doubting them in the same way we doubt the 'cheque's in the post' and the 'my wife doesn't understand me' excuses.

I have been in contact with BT on this and when I do, we change the passwords (again) and the person on the other end ('Mumbler of Mumbai') assures me (sotto voce) that the problem, 'Will not happen again!' Well, not until the next time that is.

As I understand it the problem lies in the fact that BT's new mail system is throwing up 'false positives' (interesting as I also understand that they may have compromised my mail security before changing!) and that my impotence insofar as email communications lies with them and their inability to configure their mail application rather than me being injudicious over my personal security.

BT appear to have their fingers in their ears regarding this, their support staff run through procedures that remedy compromised users (when they are not and yet are restricted because of the false positives) and are failing to deliver what is a critical service. The BT Forum pages which relate to this are ominously bereft of any BT engagement and help appears to be a forlorn hope.

Anyone else out there recognise the situation I am in?

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Red said...

yes. afraid I do recognise it. we've had no end of problems since switching to BT, not just with email but with the TV too. After nearly 2 years of issues and endless phone calls to BT, the email seems to have resolved somewhat and they sent us a new TV box which has relieved most of the problems we had on the TV (not all though!). Thing that annoyed me the most was that despite endless phone calls, as no time had actually been logged against out account with no service, they wouldn't compensate one penny. In order to claim compensation you have to call in and have your time off service logged on your account. So each time we had an issue we had to call in and say, email is off again, or the TV is off again, to a call operative who was rather annoyed by this. never did get any compensation either! rubbish!