Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hypergrace - sound or warp(ed) factor?

I've today come across Joseph Prince and find him, like the Curate's egg to not be all bad and yet whilst I like much of his Christology and his emphasis on grace there is something that just doesn't quite sit comfortably with me.

It might be the Word of Faith like resonances and the prosperity that goes along with 'name it claim it' theology. It feels like Hagin and Copeland reheated and mind-melded with Ron Bell on one side and yet the fast-paced presentation (is he prompted or does he really do all that in a structured 'ad lib' manner?) is quite clever and compelling in terms of showman (mind you that would be Bell I guess) and clever revelation (Chinese for boat being the amalgam of symbols that add up to eight people (Noah and his missus plus three kids and their other halves) in a floating thing, neat or what?).

The bloke doesn't ask for money - but there's plenty of opportunity to spend it.

He does talk about Jesus never having any disease and never being poor - and there's plenty of claiming stuff (but there's too little of that with some) and it don't feel too triumphal.

I've started reading some of his stuff and wonder what I'll find when the smoke clears - anyone out there that can point me to some sound considerations of the man would be most welcome. I'm not looking for the the 'he's a false whatever' stuff - just stuff that will let me see when the horizon ends.

I've read a short treatise on 'hypergrace' (a genre I assume Prince might be considered to be part of) and now have found someone who is a walking, talking, living preacher of it (and looking good for 51 - already hate him :-)  ).


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