Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas - 'tis the season to be . . .

Well I thought the word left out was 'jolly' but if I'm to believe others then this is not the case.

A Journal of Psychology tells us the word is 'sad'  because it's a time when Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the depressive illness it brings is at its highest.

Sociologists tell us the word is 'poor' because there some 15 million people living in poverty in our nation. "Christmas is just something they can't afford," says a report!

Social workers tell us that the word is 'divided' as separated families fight over who will have the children over Christmas.

The media tells us that the word is 'war' as Bethlehem's babe is overshadowed by the wall that divides and separates people and in Syria and so many other places conflict continues.

Perhaps the right word is one of the many found in the image below:

As Christmas draws near and we consider in our Parish Advent course Mary's 'Yes' we pray that peace may be seen in all the world and commit ourselves to work for that peace where we find ourselves.

We pray for the work of Foodbank as the volunteers continue to meet the need of those who are living in poverty, something made more real as the Christmas celebrations come upon us.

We pray for all families, especially those torn apart by divorce and separation; for those who are at this time grieving the absence of a loved one and for those whose work takes them away  - remembering especially those serving in our armed forces and missions organisations.

We pray for those suffering from and restricted by mental and physical health issues and pray for those who are restricted by old-age and all that this brings: Thinking of those who work as carers especially at this time too.

May I, on behalf of the whole clergy team and all members of the Parish wish you a peaceful and holy Christmastide.

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