Saturday, 20 December 2014

Turning Grey into glorious colour

The penultimate scene of  'Mr Magorium's Magic Emporium' show 'Mahoney' the character who has taken up the reigns from Magorium proclaiming their belief in a piece of wood (described as a 'Congereve Cube' and from this everything changes from shades of grey and depressing black into the most vibrant and glorious colours.

The cube races around the shop as if telling all the hitherto inanimate toys, books and games that there's something magical coming - much like John the Baptist preparing the way for something spectacular - and as the Mahony character reaches out (a yadah / towdah (it's a Hebrews thing folks) moment) everything is transformed.

I too have belief in a piece of wood as the object by which life was both extinguished and gifted for eternity! It is through the belief that has been set into being in, through and by the person who hung upon it, that I have seen grey lives transformed into something full of colour and beauty.

This Christmas we need to take the opportunity to herald people into the Christmas presence of the God made man: Jesus the Christ child.

We need to take the opportunity to share God's love because it's there to be shared: This is how the peace He brings gets off the shelves and into the life's of those around us.

We need to stop selling fear of hell and a promise of heaven (although heaven and eternity are, I am assured, real) and start building relationships, blessing what God is already doing, with Him and us and in so doing put to death religion and start celebrating relationship (for that is what Christianity is - it's not a religion for religion is (as Marx told us) 'Humanity's greatest rebellion against God!

Let us put aside rules and regulations and conditions and instead bring joyful obedience because of the relationship we have with Jesus and the desire to be like Him.

It's simple really innit?

Which are you going to leave people with this Christmas?

Church was never to meant to be a grey place :-)

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